Reality Hits All the Right Spots

There is something for everyone, from dating to talent, transformations to job searching, there is a reality show that will definitely hit your sweet tooth:

Big Brother: A number of strangers are picked to live in an isolated house and compete to win a cash prize.  Contestants have their lives shown to the world for the entire time they live there, 24/7. 

Survivor: Sixteen to twenty players are stranded in a remote location wher they are divided into tribes, battling for a chance to win 1 million $.


Biggest Loser:  It involves twelve contestants who were overweight to varying degrees participating in a contest to lose the most weight.


 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Each episode features a new candidate straight man to be culturally transformed by the “Fab 5,” five openly gay men who each possess a talent. 


Laguna Beach: A structured reality television serious about tennagers who come from wealthy families living in Laguna Beach, California. 


Wife Swap: Two families, usually with vastly different social classes, swap wives for a week and try to fill their counterpart’s needs. 


American Idol: People from all over the country test their singing skills and are voted off weekly by the American public, until one American Idol is standing alone at the end of a season.

The Apprentice: Contestants battle it out for a chance to work for Donald Trump and the Trump organization 


America’s Next Top Model: A number of women compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model” for a chance to start their career in modeling

 The Bachelor: The series revolves around a bachelor and follows him on his quest for love, dating and eliminating 25 courted women

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